Theoretical considerations

Chronic rheumatic conditions are determined by an autoimmune component, among other causes. Thus, the anatomical structures situated at joint level, especially the conjunctive cells, suffer changes in their normal membranary structure (probably under the action of some inflammatory processes or that of some microbial germs). These structures are no longer recognized as being “self” for the body and a reaction of the immune system develops against them (an autoimmune reaction). An inflammatory reaction is thus generated against the body’s own conjuctive cells situated at joint level – chronic articular rheumatism and chronic rheumatoid arthritis being based on this fact.

The natural extracts which are contained in POLIARTRIN counteract this autoimmune response which can be found in rheumatic conditions; this was the idea on which the development of this product was based. The mechanism of action of the active substances contained in plants explain the results of POLIARTRIN, cream in treating articular chronic pain which can be found in different forms of rheumatism, as well as in the consecutive inflammatory processes.

Presentation of the product POLIARTRIN


The product POLIARTRIN contains:Helleborus purpurascens aqueous extract. Tamus communistincture, lanolin, petrolatum, Ceteareth 20, cetylic alcohol, cetylstearyl alcohol, purified water, yellow wax, glycerin, olive oil, Euxyl PE 9010, butylhydroxyanisol.


The active principles from the product POLIARTRIN have anti-inflammatory and analgesic local action, which leads to an improvement in tegumentary function and in the underlying structures of the locomotory apparatus (muscular, articular, synovial and tendinous structures and bursaes).


The product POLIARTRIN is a topical cream which contains, as the main active ingredients, the aquaeus extract from Helleborus purpurascens and Tamus communis tincture and is used for topical application. It is recommended for tegument care, at painful articular and abarticular regions level – pain produced by bursitis, synovitis, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, rheumatoid polyarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, invalidating osteoarthritis.


3-4 ml of cream are spread over the painful area and then an energetic massage is applied until the completely profound penetration. At least three or four applications a day are recommended and in the case of intense pain, more daily applications are required. If old and intense pain is present, then in the evening, after the massage with POLIARTRIN is conducted, another thin layer of cream is applied, over which a cellophane foil which is fixed with a gauze band is applied.


The product POLIARTRIN, cream is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in case of allergy or sensitivity to one of the product’s components.

Adverse reactions

In case of local intolerance (burns, pruritus, etc.) the local application will be interrupted and the pharmacist or the manufacturing company, according to the contact details found on the patient information leaflet or the box, will be noticed.       

No overdose cases have been reported.